Stadt Landsberg am Lech

Stadtmuseum Landsberg am Lech

The Town Museum of Landsberg am Lech is a visible landmark located above the town in a beautiful listed building, a former Jesuit school from 1693. The building is currently being completely renovated and redesigned according to the requirements of a modern, contemporary museum, of course in close consultation with the monument conservation authorities.

facts and fiction was able to succeed in a multi-phase competition for the new conception of the permanent exhibition and is designing the exhibition that combines chronological and thematic rooms: While the history of the 20th century is told chronologically with a focus on Adolf Hitler's fortress imprisonment, the outer camps of the Dachau concentration camp and the large DP camp after the war, other rooms focus on individual aspects of the city's history such as the importance of the salt trade, the influence of the Jesuits or the urban life. 

The exhibition brings the exciting history of the city to life in large spatial images and many interactive exhibits. The focus of the design is on participation and inclusion, creating a museum by everyone for everyone. 

The opening of the Landsberg City Museum is planned for 2025.


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