Expo 2020 Pavilion Belgium

Belgium is moving ahead with its plans for a visionary future. “The Green Arch”, in the heart of the mobility district, presents the emergence of connected green cities through Belgium’s scientific, industrial, and technological innovations, bringing Belgian thinkers and entrepreneurs to display their visions for the year 2050, through creative innovations of smart and green mobility. 

The Belgian Pavilion is a co-creation by building company BESIX, Assar Architects, Vincent Callebaut Architectures, facts and fiction, and Envie Events. Designed by Belgian architects Vincent Callebaut Architectures and Assar Architects, the zero-waste pavilion building consists of a sweeping arch, constructed entirely from Belgian bio-sourced materials with recyclable elements, featuring a timber slats facade composition evoking the mashrabiya style of architecture and a vertical garden of 10,000 plants. facts and fiction was responsible for the scenography, namely, the exhibition and the visitor’s experience. 

Inspired by the rich Belgian comic culture, the scenographic design approach utilizes comic storytelling to take the visitors on an exciting journey to “Smart and Green Belgium 2050”. On which, famous Belgian comic heroes come together for the first time in history in one show to tell the stories of Belgian innovations and lead the visitors through the exhibition spaces. 

In collaboration with Belgian comic publishing houses, an impressive illustrated wall of Belgian landmarks stands out in the first exhibition space, where the narrative unfolds in the form of a sketched walk-in comic environment. 

Six main exhibits highlight six featured innovations from the three Belgian Regions. The designs are inspired by the projects they represent. Each exhibit features an impressive customized graphic illustration about the project, complemented by custom-made furniture pieces that follow the comic illustrations’ aesthetics in their form and design language. The exhibits are enhanced with interactive technology offering multiple touchpoints that allow visitors to explore the three Belgian regions and their impressive visions for the future in an informative, yet playful way.

An audio-visual spatial experience bridges the path between the main exhibition spaces, taking the visitors on an immersive journey through time that awakens the future visions of Belgium through animated projections and leads the way into the final space.

The highlight of the final exhibition space is an impressive interactive media projection of the visionary cityscapes of Belgium 2050. As visitors step closer, they are immediatly transformed into comic characters, projected into the virtual environment, and can interact within it animating their surroundings. Finally ending their memorable visit with a photo taken with their favorite comic hero before heading up to the roof terrace overlooking the amazing Expo site.

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