those who do
not dream of
flying will never
grow wings.

Our symbol, mascot and spiritus rector is the flying fish. He leaves his element, changes his perspective and returns with new ideas and inspiration.

At facts and fiction, unique people combine their sense of humour, playfulness and passion with great expertise and analytical thinking. People who are skilled at changing perspectives and straying from the beaten path.

Because we always want to surprise our clients and offer them more than they expect. To be a facts and fictioner means to tell coherent and exciting stories that take in the big picture; stories that come from the heart and touch the heart. Because people believe the mind but make decisions with the heart. That's why communication targeted at the heart is reasonable.

We are proud
of our catch
quota ...

Founded in 1992, facts and fiction has been at the top of the relevant creative awards and rankings for many years.

At least as important, if not more important:

More than 10 million pleased guests and visitors attended our events and visited our exhibitions, showrooms, museums und pavilions.

Become a fish!
Change your perspective! Grow wings!

We are used
to taking

This applies to the projects we implement for our customers. And also to many other things.

For facts and fiction, the responsibility starts at home, meaning the
facts and fictioners. We treat each other with respect and stand up for each other. Well-equipped workplaces in an inspiring environment, individual support through further workshops and a responsible attitude towards working hours are all included in our contracts – to name just a few points.

We maintain an open and trusting relationship with customers and external partners, we act fairly and reliably, and we work for the success of a project, not solely for our own.

We also include trainees, interns and student interns in our team. We are committed to young talent in a variety of ways and give young people the opportunity to get to know everyday life in a creative agency.

As individuals and as a company, we want to actively shape society and develop it for the better.

We have been purchasing green electricity since 2008 and have been CO2-neutral since 2011. The latter is achieved through reforestation projects in collaboration with ArBolivia.

We support charitable initiatives with our know-how and manpower because we are convinced that it is our obligation to play an active role in shaping our society. In the past, for example, we have realised projects with RheinFlanke, the Cologne children‘s homes, the Mukoviszidose e.V. and the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e.V. (Federal Association of German Food Banks).

In addition, we also develop projects on our own initiative, simply because we are convinced of their importance. The latest example of this is the Cologne Museum for Migration – keep your fingers crossed that it will become reality!

We‘re no moralists, but we have our principles. This means that we do not work for certain customers or sectors, for example the tobacco and arms industries or for groups with anti- democratic or inhumane views.

PS: Over the past 20 years, more than 80 employee children have been born. facts and fiction does not take any responsibility for this, but it shows that we can combine job and family. And that facts and fictioners are also willing to take responsibility outside their work.

Flying Duration:

Wing speed: